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Yard Goods


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The Conner Collection.

Treasures from the French and Indian Wars to the American Westward Movement, gifts, found, traded for or purchased.

Shown are just a few items that came from this collection and have been offered for sale or trade over the years. The family has  asked that a few items be displayed, to answer questions of what happened to this well known collection now belonging to others. The remaining pieces are being prepared for a "loan program" to travel different museums across North America.


"Once the interest in collecting is gone so is the collection".  Buck

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Yard Goods

This term seems to stump folks from time to time. If one looks it up you will find:

Yard n. yards < yrd > : 1. A unit of length equal to 3 feet; defined as 91.44 centimeters

Expressions: yard goods n. : 1. Fabrics sold by the yard; SYN: piece goods.

pretty simple when you think about it.


When we look at the term as a "piece of goods" here's is what most are thinking of when they hear "yard goods".

Shown are a few pieces of old (made before 1900) crocheted arm chair covers, table covers and items used under ones lamps or other fancy items to protect surfaces in the Victorian period. 

Like so many items collected most yard goods don't hold any great value other than memories of the loved one that made the article. Things like this as well as the fancy linen table cloths, pillow covers, etc. are pretty and took hours to produce which seems to be just that, nice but no cigar.

"So much for collecting".

For some reason articles like shown have never held any value, the hours of work involved in making these items does not mean anything in today's market?

I always research anything if its an antique or a reproduction (you want a good look a like not something that someone dreamed up in a reproduction). 

At all times "quality" not quantity when buying needs to be remembered and practiced.

The reason there are just a few pictures is there is such a variety and dating is always questionable with yard goods, the reason one needs to ask for sound  documentation of who made the article and when was it made .

Good Luck.