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Conner Family History





The Conner Collection.

Treasures from the French and Indian Wars to the American Westward Movement, gifts, found, traded for or purchased.

Shown are just a few items that came from this collection and have been offered for sale or trade over the years. The family has  asked that a few items be displayed, to answer questions of what happened to this well known collection now belonging to others. The remaining pieces are being prepared for a "loan program" to travel different museums across North America.


"Once the interest in collecting is gone so is the collection".  Buck

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Whatever one calls it "silver ware", "silver plate", "flat ware" or just "eating ware", its value is not what you original paid for it when new. Some will say this is not true, but from what we have found its closer to the truth than most want to believe.

Condition seems to be the only factor that governs the price and that only may change the bottom line by a few cents to a few dollars. Sad, a real eye opener when on the selling end of this game. 

Seems we always remember what one of the family told us when young how valuable this fork or spoon is and we only use them on special occasions. I think we were told this so we didn't take one and use it for something other than what it was originally intended for. 

"So much for digging in the dirt".

Always use care and do the research on the item your looking for. 

I always research anything if its an antique or a reproduction (you want a good look a like not something that someone dreamed up in a reproduction). 

"Quality" not quantity when buying needs to be remembered and practiced.

The reason there are no pictures of "silver ware", "silver plate", "flat ware" or just "eating ware" is there is such a variety and dating is always questionable with all the second and third runs by the manufacturers that you really need to research the pattern your looking for, there's lots of good books on the subject.

Good Luck.