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Buck's Base Camp

Conner Family History





The Conner Collection.

Treasures from the French and Indian Wars to the American Westward Movement, gifts, found, traded for or purchased.

Shown are just a few items that came from this collection and have been offered for sale or trade over the years. The family has  asked that a few items be displayed, to answer questions of what happened to this well known collection now belonging to others. The remaining pieces are being prepared for a "loan program" to travel different museums across North America.


"Once the interest in collecting is gone so is the collection".  Buck

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We have sold so many tables, chairs and misc. small chests that i have lost count.

A small sample of some of the items we have sold in the way of tables chairs and accessories that we have no interest in. Antiques are antiques, some are valuable dollar wise while many are valuable for memories alone, end of story.

There's always the old family stories of this or that belonging to so and so, and how valuable this article is. Makes a good story, but without good details documentation its just a story with no more value than  the next item without the tale.





Items shown on the "Conner Collection" pages have been SOLD and have been transferred to museum and personal collections across N. America.